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As of today, my icons will no longer be posted on this community. I will be leaving my old posts up, but all of my icons are available on this journal name. I have a copy of the post of people who have done requests from me, and I will be slowly working on them. I'll be sending private messages with links to the icons when they are completed.

Thank you for all your support.
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An Apology and an Announcement

First off, I would like to apologize for all those who are waiting on a request from me. Life caught up with me and I very quickly ran out of time in my schedule to make icons. I will be getting back to them once the new year starts and my schedule gets far less hectic, but I wanted to at least inform you that I will be back with your icons eventually.

Second, I am officially placing my Hiatus notice here. This hiatus will last until the new year, probably around the second or third week of January. I will let you all know when I'm back, and thank you so much for being patient with me!
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Request Post 1: kwonluver

These icons were requested by kwonluver. I hope you like them~
The rest of the requests will be posted similarly to this (I make way too many icons to make just one post |D) so don't lose faith! I am working on them!

For those who want to use these icons:
[x] Don't claim as yours, and don't edit. Blank icons =/= bases.
[x] Please credit.
[x] Comment if taking any.

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So here's the deal.

I'm looking to expand my icon horizons and get some more practice in. So I'm going to start taking requests for ICONS. Just fill out the little quickie request form and post it in a comment, and I'll get to work right away. :D


Username: username
Fandom: Please select between 1 and 5 fandoms. They can be anything from stock to kpop to text only to whatever. Just keep it clean. (meaning I'm not making porn icons, kthx.)

Leave a comment! :D
Post is public, so spam your friends. :3

I am no longer taking any new requests.
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012 - Multifandom (icons)

Rules for Use

[x] You must credit me in the comment section of your userpic.
[x] Comments are always appreciated.
[x] If you take something, comments are required.
[x] Do not hotlink.
[x] Blank icons are NOT bases. Don't edit these in any way, shape, or form.
[x] If you want to use these on a site that isn't LJ, please ask me first.

In This Post:
[x122] Icons - (08) G-Dragon, (11) Hyunjoong, (36) Yonghwa, (67) Yunho


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Public until my next post.